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2012-01-13 18:42:11 by sinequanon

Mainly going to keep some of my old music here...Newgrounds was extremely important in my formative years as a musician. The so-called 'classical music' scene has changed since then. Even so, I hope artists are getting as much as I did from the community.



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2012-02-04 20:25:53

Just been listening to more of your music - definitely the most under-appreciated composer on this site. I certainly don't frequent here often anymore either (the large majority of my new work isn't even here), but what you've uploaded recently at least has all been excellent.

And I took a deeper, isolated listen to Somnolence and realized it was simply the lack of energy in the samples you're using that brought it down for me on first listen. This time around, musically I was intrigued from start to finish. If you have some extra cash at some point invest in a good strings library to really get that expressive quality out!

As is customary at the end of one of these comments - "keep up the good work." But really, it is good work. Perhaps the best of its kind on this site.